President's Corner - Christine Sweetland

Hi Neighbors –
It is a privilege to serve the community as President of the association this year. My husband and I bought our first home in Cherry Knolls when our oldest son was 6 months old. I remember fondly attending a Babysitting Co-0p meeting announcing I was pregnant with our 2nd son. We, like many others are now in our 2nd home in Cherry Knolls and our boys have gone to Sandburg, Newton and both currently at Arapahoe High School. We are now the ones at the pool reading magazines carefree but to those parents at the baby pool I can only say you will be in our spot one day faster than you think.

Our association was very productive in 2018 and just a few of the highlights include:

  • Self-Publishing our neighborhood newsletter. Brett East agreed to be Editor, Amy Folkstad is our Graphic Designer and Sandy Wischmeyer spent countless hours getting bids and advertisers so that we now produce a better product for less money.
  • Reducing costs of perimeter maintenance by adding a water sensor at Cherry Field and contracting with a new company to mow Cherry Field and work on weed maintenance at the entrances.
  • The Garden Club continues to beautify the entrance at Elizabeth & Arapahoe by adding a new drip system for the beautiful flowers in the spring and summer and new holiday lights in the winter.
  • The number of homeowners who paid their yearly voluntary dues of $120 increased in 2018.
  • Our biggest initiative in 2018 was to consolidate the covenants from 6 separate documents. Our community now has the same covenant documents for Filings 1 – 7. The covenants were updated to ensure they met current Federal, State and City requirements. This initiative required signature consent for over 50% of the neighborhood by each filing and that couldn’t be achieved without the help of countless volunteers in the community (too many to name) and we are grateful for their time! While the 16 homes in Filing 8 had more objections on the night of the vote, their covenants are still similar to the rest of the neighborhood.

We had many members in the community attend our board meetings as well as the town halls that we held in regards to the covenant consolidation and it was wonderful to hear from so many in our community. The overwhelming response indicated how much we all love living in Cherry Knolls and we want our traditions and spirit of community that has lasted for over 60 years to remain. Our board consists of 10 Cherry Knolls residents that are dedicated to helping to continue to make Cherry Knolls a great neighborhood to live. We encourage your feedback and participation by attending a monthly meeting or sending a message at

Cheers to 2019,
Christine Sweetland
CKIA President