Cherry Knolls Parents Co-op: A Very Special Part of Our Community

The Cherry Knolls Parents Co-op is a collection of parents who share a great passion for their families and the Cherry Knolls community. The Co-op provides a safe, nurturing, convenient, and dependable atmosphere. Membership in the Co-op enhances relationships in the community and provides an active network for parents to discuss, ask, offer and extend support to others in the Co-op and community.

For those parents who are new to the neighborhood, the Co-op is a group of about 42 members. We meet every other month on the 3rd Tuesday at 7pm in different homes. The Co-op assists its members and the neighborhood in many ways including exchanging child care and helping to organize family events in the community.

Over the last year the group has voted to make some changes including the new name, Cherry Knolls Parents Co-op. They also decided to change their system for exchanging hours of child care. Members are now asked to sign up for at least three neighborhood volunteer opportunities a year. A new Alumni category has been established. You will automatically be an Alumni when your last child graduated from elementary school. The group also agreed on an updated list of volunteer opportunities that support the Co-op and the CK community. Dues have been raised to $10.

The Co-op supports the Cherry Knolls community in a multitude of ways including:

  • The Easter Egg Hunt at Cherry Field
  • Kids games at the 4th of July celebration
  • Thursday night dinners at the pool
  • Bi-annual home tour to benefit Sandburg Elementary
  • Halloween party for members and their children
  • Meal deliveries to new moms or others in need

Would you like to become more involved with our Cherry Knolls community? If so, please contact Ali Macheca at