Garden Club

Cherry Knolls Garden Club Update!

The growing season is in full swing and the Garden Club Team is ready! If you’re not familiar with what we do, you’ll find the answers here!

Q & A about the CKIA Garden Club

Q: What does the Garden Club do?

A: We maintain the beauty of the Elizabeth entrance by weeding, watering, trimming and doing spring and fall clean-up. We also enjoy outings to garden related events, classes, notable garden tours, as well as visiting each other’s gardens for new and fun ideas in landscaping.

Q: I am busy with work, kids and other commitments, but I want to be a part of something that supports our great neighborhood. Is there a place for me on the Garden Team?

A: You bet! There are one-time opportunities such as spring or fall clean-up, or partnering with another member to tidy up the garden. You might also consider being a Garden Club rep at the CKIA meetings or writing a gardening related article for the CKIA Newsletter. The west side of the entrance is watered by hand, so partnering with a member to help water would be great. There are many one-time or short term opportunities!

Q: I know nothing about gardening, but I want to learn. May I be a part of the Team?

A: Of course! We’re all on a learning curve with gardening in Colorado. Join us for the garden tours or a class and put what you’ve learned into action in your own garden and at the Elizabeth entrance. The Team members are always looking for CK residents to partner with them in keeping the garden beautiful!

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Just a sample of the beautiful Iris you can see at Iris4U located at Federal and Amherst!

Cherry Knolls youngest Garden Club Team Member!!