A Brief History of Cherry Knolls

Incorporated in 1960, there were fifteen builders in Cherry Knolls, principally Branch and Writer.

Originally, the only entrance to Cherry Knolls was at Arapahoe and Nobles Roads, with dirt roads and open fields surrounding the community. Even Arapahoe Road was a dirt road. Carl Sandburg Elementary School and Cherry Knolls Park did not exist. Children attended Lewis Ames Elementary. Cherry Knolls Park was a swampy open sheep pasture, and where Cherry Knolls Shopping Center now stands was a farm house and horse stable. Cherry Knolls was out in the country. All land south of County Line Road was part of the vast Phipps Ranch with a ranch house and a few out buildings.

Cherry Knolls was built in eight stages, or filings. The first filing was west of Nobles Road and east of Steele Street between Arapahoe Road, Columbine Way and Easter Avenue. All that existed east of Nobles Road was the pool and tennis courts, built and owned by L.C. Fullerwinder who owned and developed the land on which Cherry Knolls was built. The second filing included homes east of Nobles Road surrounding the pool to the north and south. The third filing developed ten lots on Cook Way on the north side of Columbine Way. The fourth filing was east of Nobles Road close to Arapahoe Road and Colorado Blvd. The fifth filing developed the land between Steele and Elizabeth Streets to the east and west, and between Arapahoe Road and Columbine Way to the north and south, as well as land between Columbine and Easter. The sixth filing developed nine lots of the east side of Harrison Street north of Nobles Road. The seventh filing included the homes west of Nobles Road and south of Easter Avenue, largely what is now East Easter Circle. The eighth filing included the west side of Elizabeth Street backing to the park. These were the last homes to be built, circa 1973-1979.

The Cherry Knolls Improvement Association (CKIA) dates back to May 31, 1960 when the Articles of Incorporation were filed with the Secretary of State, State of Colorado, as a not-for-profit corporation. All homeowners in Cherry Knolls are owner-members of the Association. Owner-members pay yearly dues of $180.

The Cherry Knolls Swim Club pool and tennis courts were purchased from Fullerwinder Development in 1984 by a group of just over 200 Cherry Knolls residents, and the Cherry Knolls Swim and Tennis Club, a not-for-profit corporation, was established. A variety of memberships are available and anyone in Cherry Knolls can join. Cherry Field (immediately adjacent to the pool) was established on the site of the original tennis courts and is leased and managed by CKIA and maintained by CKIA dues.